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10 days City program


On Kingsday, but also in the run-up to it, Rotterdam will show what the host city stands for: a colorful, international port city, built by people from all over the world. To make Kingsday as attractive as possible for every Rotterdammer, the Kingsday Concert on April 19 marks the start of the City Program.

Then there is 10 days of anticipation – from exuberant to intimate, including a festive 'day after'. Examples from the 10 day City Program are an exposition in the Maastunnel, a Kings & Queens 'pop-up' schoolyard tour, Rotterdans je mee, the royal portrait tour and the culinary campaign with a call to the city to make the Rotterdam king's dish.

View the complete and current offer before, during and after King's Day in Rotterdam at

A selection from the offer:

Exposition Maastunnel

Rotterdam has treasure troves full of paintings, photographs, objects and monuments. They tell the story of Rotterdam. To show the link between the Royal House and Rotterdam, Ook van Jou! (the quartermasters of a renewed Rotterdam City Museum) a Royal exhibition in the Maastunnel. With dozens of photos from the City Archives of royal visits and orange celebrations over the years. The oldest statues are over a hundred years old. The exhibition can be seen in the Maastunnel from 30 March.

Kings & Queens 'pop' schoolyard tour

Everywhere in the country and in the Antilles, schools and children can practice the song 'Kings & Queens' specially composed by ZangExpress and thus warm up completely for King's Day. There will be a pop-up schoolyard tour, in which ZangExpress visits schools with a mobile stage and practices the song together with the children. The song comes with a complete teaching package – including a dance video by SKVR – which is freely accessible to everyone after March 30 via

Kinderen zingen in een koor.

Rotterdans je mee?

Rotterdam's city dance company, the Scapino Ballet, is developing a special King's Day dance that creates encounters and connections. A dance as a dance tribute to the city and the King. It will be a festive choreography for young and old with Rotterdam and its residents as inspiration. In the weeks leading up to King's Day, a team of experienced dance teachers will give workshops at schools, in community centers, on squares, at companies, associations, during markets and in parks. To teach as many Rotterdammers as possible this special King's Day dance, made on Soundscape010.

Villa Zebra

A real museum for children. That's Villa Zebra. In the run-up to King's Day, they let children create a fantasy structure. Under the direction of the Rotterdam visual artist Onno Poiesz, there are various workshops where the impetus is made for a joint artwork installation that will be unveiled on the route on 27 April.

Your own royal portrait

We present a series of 10 official portraits consisting of resilient Rotterdammers, each with their own unique story. All these Kings & Queens will soon be reflected in the King's Day program and/or in the decoration of the city. The series of 10 was captured by the Rotterdam photographer Laureate Marwan Magroun. In the run-up to King's Day, everyone can also get started with making their own unique official portrait. Because, with handy tips from the Rotterdam Princess Ari Deelder (daughter of Jules Deelder), a state portrait can be made in no time. A selection of these will also be available on the website, in the media and/or as a poster in the neighbourhood!

Upload or have yourself photographed

In addition to making their own state portrait, Rotterdammers can also have themselves photographed by photographers in the various Rotterdam neighborhoods and in the city. There will be pop-up studios at Central Station, the Markthal and the Bijenkorf, among others. Keep an eye on the website for all locations and dates. And find your photo here!

Portrait Parade

Especially for King's Day, the 750 meter long Flag Parade on the Boompjes will be transformed into a real portrait parade. From 19 April to 27 April, all 193 flagpoles will feature photo portraits of well-known and lesser-known Rotterdammers, who roll up their sleeves every day in all parts of the city. The Flag Parade also puts a well-deserved spotlight on the Kings & Queens in the city.

Kings vs Queens better together

Such a grand party naturally deserves an afterparty. On Friday 28 April it is time in BIRD for an annual club night, but just a little different. What once started as a tribute to the superstars with editions such as Beyoncé and Rihanna and Michael Jackson vs Prince has now grown into a true tradition. This time the evening will have a special interpretation as an after party for King's Day. Expect an evening of diverse classics from pop royalty such as Janet Jackson, The Weeknd and Mariah Carey.

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