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Gaststad Koningsdag in Rotterdam

The project organization consists of:

In collaboration with various partners, including affiliated partners at Rotterdam. Make it Happen and many more who will join in the coming months.


Film: VideoAgency.

Photography: ANP, Frank de Roo, Vincent van Dordrecht, Kingsland, Rotterdam Street Culture Festival, Hardkingz Festival, MS fotografie, IPKW, en Arquitecturaviva (edited by IN10). Rotterdam Branding Toolkit

Frequently asked questions

Rotterdam has offered to organize King's Day. According to tradition, our city has a special bond with the royal family. That is why the King is celebrating his birthday and that he has been king for 10 years in Rotterdam.

The royal walk will be broadcast live on Thursday 27 April by NOS on NPO1. The broadcast is from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

You can see details of the walking route the Royal Family will be taking in Rotterdam on 27th April here.

Information about the 10-day City Program and the program along the Royal Route can be found under Program on this website.

There is plenty to do in the city before, during and after Kingsday in Rotterdam. Uitagenda Rotterdam bundles everything there is to do on Kingsday. Check out for the most complete and current offer (only in Dutch).

Free markets will also be possible at a number of locations in Rotterdam this year. Except in the city centre on the Binnenrotte and the Afrikaanderplein, as these locations are on the royal route. As an individual, you may put down your rug to sell stuff. Note: no alcohol or products that spoil quickly. Think of meat, fish or dairy products.

Do you want to lay out your rug in the city centre? This is only allowed in the following 4 places: Schouwburgplein, Eendrachtsplein, Mauritsweg and  Westersingel.

Outside the city centre (except Afrikaanderplein), you may place a rug for your loft sale anywhere. You must, however, observe certain rules.
For example, lanes, tram rails, parking spaces and fire hydrants must be kept clear. You can read more information on Aanmelden vrijmarkt Koningsdag (centrum) |

The NOS broadcasts King's Day live on TV on NPO1, on the website and in the NOS app.

We don’t know yet. Keep an eye on the website

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