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Free markets


Free markets are also possible in many places in Rotterdam this year. Except on the Binnenrotte and the Afrikaanderplein, because these locations are on the Royal route. In the center (postcode area 3011 to 3016) you can lay down your rug in four places: Schouwburgplein, Eendrachtsplein, Mauritsweg and Westersingel.

On this page on you can see on maps where you can put your rug. And you can read more about the rules that apply. For example, you are not allowed to sell alcohol or products that spoil quickly, such as meat, dairy or fish. Outside the center you can put a rug anywhere. Except on the Afrikaanderplein in connection with the festivities surrounding the Royal Route. Keep in mind that, for example, driving lanes, tram rails, parking spaces and fire hydrants must be kept clear.
Registration for a flea market stall is closed. All available places have now been allocated.

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