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King's Day Dish


Who makes the new unforgettable Rotterdam dish? From star chef to hobby chef, from restaurant owner to food fanatic. Everyone can participate and invent and make the most delicious Rotterdam Kinsgday Dish. The Rotterdam food platform de Buik and host city Rotterdam are looking for the tastiest Rotterdam King's dish. 

Delicious Rotterdam 

Gijsbregt Brouwer van de Buik van Rotterdam: 'Pad Thai is Thailand's most famous dish and was developed to celebrate the unification of Thailand. Pizza Margherita is the most famous pizza and was developed to honor the Italian Queen Margherita. In Rotterdam we can also do something about it and that is why it is high time to add a dish to this. What will soon be the tastiest Kingday dish in Rotterdam? An original dish with Rotterdam DNA that fits in with this time, is easy to make for more people and of course tastes good.' 

You can participate until Sunday 2 April. The entrants of the five most original recipes will then compete against each other in a live cooking competition on April 20. 


The jury consists of Gijsbregt Brouwer, Sandra van Houwelingen, Ajdin Begovic, Elize Schenderling and Perry de Man. This jury chooses the winning dish. Will the Royal Family taste this most delicious dish during the walk through Rotterdam? That is another surprise, the organization is investigating the possibilities.

Idea of citizens of Rotterdam

The idea for the Rotterdam Kingday dish comes from the people of Rotterdam. They were able to submit all their ideas for the Kingsday program and theme last year. From more than 700 entries, 100 Rotterdammers were invited to come up with ideas together. In Rotterdam, all smells, colors and flavors come together. The idea for a real Rotterdam King's Day dish was quickly born and was taken up further together with the Buik van Rotterdam. 

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