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We are all Kings & Queens



The central theme for King’s Day has been determined! Voters have made their choice known on this website. In large numbers. Over 1800 unique votes have been cast on either of the three themes. Also, the themes have been examined by a diverse group of 500 Dutch citizens. The theme ‘We are all Kings & Queens’ has been selected with a vast majority. The theme received over 50% of all votes and was especially popular among youngsters.

‘We are all Kings & Queens’ propagates that while we are all different, we are all special in our own way. We all participate just the way we are. Rotterdam does not think in boxes and during King's Day will embrace the beauty of everyone. A crown fits on every head!

The other themes were ‘Global Port, Global Citizens’ and ‘The street belongs to all of us’.

Guideline for a festive program
In collaboration with the city, a festive program befitting of both Rotterdam and the Netherlands is being developed. Of course, this program comes with one overarching theme, which will be the guideline for the program as a whole: from the decoration of the city to the activities on the route of the royal family.

On April 27, King Willem-Alexander and his family will celebrate his birthday in Rotterdam: 10 years of Kingship in 010! Together with all citizens, entrepreneurs, and partners of the city, we will this turn this day into an amazing party. Not just for the King and his family, but for everyone living in Rotterdam!

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