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Urban decoration in the style of Rotterdam



Rotterdam will be decorating the city for King’s Day. Studio VollaersZwart  has been assigned with the artistic decoration of the city. With their input, it will be unmistakeably clear to everyone that King’s Day is coming to Rotterdam in the spring – and that everyone is welcome to celebrate along.

Studio VollaersZwart, known for the Eurovision Song Contest but also for example for The Tunnel of Love, are currently working hard to turn their concept into an executable plan. “As King’s Day approaches, the city of Rotterdam will be transformed into a city-dressing work of art. A work of art that all Rotterdammers will be able to enjoy and participate in” so explains Alice Vlaanderen, the program director of King’s Day.

Extra large flag line
The design of the city-dressing is based on the theme of King’s Day in Rotterdam: We are all Kings & Queens. Part of the design is an ‘extra large’-long flag line as an orange-green-white-green wave throughout the city. In March, it will be announced what materials will be used, what the city-dressing will look like exactly, and how citizens and entrepreneurs in Rotterdam can acquire these materials to decorate themselves and their own stall, store or house.

Do it yourself (already)!
We already lift a tip of the veil: the renewed King’s Day logo, which you can for example use to print T-shirts for your own Orange party. Or to bake cookies or design other products and sell them for a good cause. Note: several rules and conditions apply to using the King’s Day logo.

Orange For Good
Rotterdam is happy to go the extra mile to ensure that King’s Day will leave something behind for the future of our city. That’s why, under the header of ‘Orange For Good’, the King’s Day logo will be made available so that individuals can use it to design products and sell these for the benefit of one of the social initiatives that have been selected, all of which have to do with equality of opportunity for children living in Rotterdam. To support this campaign, the city of Rotterdam collaborates with the Voor Goed Agency, an organisation that facilitates social entrepreneurship. Read all about the possibilities to participate in this campaign here.

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