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Royal Christmas tree



Have you spotted the Christmas tree in the city yet, with its golden ornaments, King’s Day crowns and cool peak? From December 10 onwards this 16-metres tall tree can be admired in front of Rotterdam Central Station. The tree is decorated with recycled material designed by Studio VollaersZwart, the same bureau that did the urban decoration during the Eurovision Songfestival. All of this is made possible by various partners, sponsors, and donators: a tree that signifies solidarity. With a royal touch. Literally, because the materials were previously used for a project in Apeldoorn. Last April, the city of Apeldoorn was decorated for the occasion of the Royal Year and the reopening of Paleis Het Loo.

Kerstboom centraal station

Completely circular: BIG BIJOUX converted to Christmas ornaments
Last April, numerous trees, shop windows and buildings in Apeldoorn were decorated with BIG BIJOUX: golden jewellery for the city, based on the 17th century baroque garden of Paleis Het Loo. How amazing is it to combine these royal decorations with the royal families’ visit to Rotterdam next year? That’s why there’s also a thousand King’s Day Crowns decorating the tree, which match up with the golden Christmas ornaments.

The tree will be in place until January 9, 2023. At that point, the tree will be stripped of its decorations, which will thereafter be sent to Apeldoorn to decorate the shopping district for the coming years. The foot and the conversion of the tree will be reused.

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