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Program Kingsday 2023 in Rotterdam: We are all Kings & Queens



On Thursday, April 27, 2023, the King and his family will celebrate Kingsday in Rotterdam. The celebration of 10 years of Kingship in 010 promises to be a big party. In Rotterdam style. With a versatile and colorful program for the Royal company and for everyone who wants to celebrate the party that day. The theme is: We are all Kings & Queens.

Because everyone is special. A crown fits every head. Today, host city Rotterdam will announce a large part of the program: the program along the route and a 10 day city program that will kick off with the Kingsday concert on April 19 in RTM Stage, Rotterdam Ahoy.

'Together with the city, we have created a wonderful program for the Royal Family. And of course for everyone who comes to celebrate this day in Rotterdam. The Royal walk starts on the Afrikaanderplein, crosses the river by water taxi and ends on the Binnenrotte with a grand party. In addition, there are plenty of activities throughout the city!' Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb said.

Welcome to South of Rotterdam

The route of the Royal Family starts on Thursday 27 April at 11 a.m. at the Afrikaanderplein. The royal company is welcomed in a festive manner here. There is a massive Happy Birthday as the King is serenaded by an occasional choir consisting of members of various choirs from the city. Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb and King's Commissioner Jaap Smit will provide the official reception. There is also a role for children's mayor Louey Zerourou. Fifty children from five schools welcome the King and the company in their own neighborhood. Together they bring in a song specially composed by ZangExpress: Kings & Queens. There is also a digital meeting with the children from the Sophia Children's Hospital, who can experience the party up close with the help of a contact robot.

Swinging spectacle & resilient encounters

This is followed by a swinging spectacle on the Pretorialaan. Different cultures and nationalities melt together in a mix of Surinamese kotomisis, Hindustani dancers, Moroccan folkloric percussionists, belly dance and salsa. After the street party, a festival terrace full of encounters awaits. At standing tables, the Royal company gets to know the resilient citizens of Rotterdam. Each with its own story.

Circus acts and football tricks

The Royal company is then treated to acrobatic tricks by, among others, students of ‘Circus Rotjeknor’ and the twenty acrobats of the internationally renowned company Compagnie XY. A little further on, the world-famous street football player Soufiane Touzani, together with talents from FC Straat, awaits the Royal company. They show their skills on a gigantic street football field at the intersection of the Maashaven. The originally Surinamese singer Glenda Peters closes the southern visit and sends the company off with the song: Rotterdam. An ode to the city where she found her new home.

On the water

From the corner in the Maashaven, the route is continued by the water taxi. A colorful procession of one-man youth sailboats and a few sustainable and innovative ships forms on the water. When rounding the Cape, the ss Rotterdam is passed, where on the aft deck a project of the Scapino Ballet is performed. The water taxis pass a variety of ships that give a picture of the international port. Sr. MS. De Ruyter, an air defense frigate of the Royal Netherlands Navy, performs a formal salute, after which the Royal party sails under the Erasmus Bridge and moors at the bottom of Plein 1940.

Closing party on the Binnenrotte

On a large stage on the Binnenrotteplein there are performances by well-known acts from the Rotterdam region such as Davina Michele, Ronnie Flex and Lee Towers. On stage, the King, his family and the family say goodbye to the Rotterdam public, but the festivities will continue in the city for a while. Until 17:00 there are various performances on the square and in many other places in the city.

Length and duration

The Royal route consists of a one kilometer walk and a crossing. As usual on Kingsday, the group stops at various places along the route. There is then an opportunity to take selfies or spontaneous conversations. The route will be covered in about two hours and will be broadcast live by NOS.

About Kingsday and the City Program

On Kingsday, but also in the run-up to it, Rotterdam will show what the host city stands for: a colorful, international port city, built by people from all over the world. To make King's Day as attractive as possible for every Rotterdammer, the King's Day Concert on April 19 marks the start of the City Program. Then there is 10 days of anticipation – from exuberant to intimate, including a festive 'day after'. Examples from the City Program are an exhibition in the Maastunnel, a Kings & Queens 'pop-up' schoolyard tour, the state portrait tour and the culinary campaign with a call to the city to make the Rotterdam king's dish.

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