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A crown fits on every head!



The countdown has begun! On April 27 the Dutch King Willem-Alexander celebrates his birthday in Rotterdam. Together with his family and all citizens and visitors of Rotterdam. The anticipation is growing. Get creative and decorate yourself and your street. This way Rotterdam will turn orange with a tad of green-white-green.

King Willem-Alexander celebrates more than just his birthday in Rotterdam. He also celebrates being King for 10 years. That’s a guarantee for a good party in 010. In Rotterdam-style. With a diverse and colourful program made for everyone who wishes to celebrate along. And naturally, for the Royal company.

Kings & Queens

The theme of King’s Day in Rotterdam is ‘We are all Kings & Queens’. With the motto ‘A crown fits on every head’, everyone is welcome to celebrate along on Thursday, April 27. For everyone who wants to be a real King or Queen during King’s Day, the fun can already begin!

Make your own crown and flags

Make a unique crown, a flag, or a flag line, with which you can decorate yourself or your street. In need of inspiration? Look here to find ideas and examples that are easy to download. The best part is, even simply reusing random items you can find in a kitchen drawer can take you a long way. Turn your old items into something new to be proud of!

Win a Wimpel-scarf!

Did you make something nice for King’s Day? Share it on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #koningsdag010 and #versierjezelf. Who knows, you might win 1 of the 10 King’s Day Wimpel-scarfs. A special scarf because it is a limited edition.

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