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10 royal portraits in the picture!



Known and unknown Rotterdammers are having their picture taken en masse for Kingsday! In recent weeks, many Rotterdammers have already started making their own unique royal  portrait. Because, with tips from the Rotterdam Princess Ari Deelder, a royal portrait can be made in no time. As of today, the Rotterdam project organization presents a selection of 10 official portraits: 10 Kings & Queens consisting of resilient Rotterdammers, each with a unique and own story and will all be seen in the Kingsday program and/or in the decoration of the city. The series of 10 was captured by the Rotterdam photographer Marwan Magroun.

Winston Bergwijn

An absolute founder of the Dutch hip-hop scene and he has been an inspiration for new talent such as Broederliefde for years. In his lyrics his love for Rotterdam can be heard and he draws attention to mental resilience and the spreading of love and hope. Winston Bergwijn made his debut in 2008 and nowadays he ensures that other artists can release music through his record company. In addition, as a positive entrepreneur, he is above all a social connector.

Winston Bergwijn

In the coming period, host city Rotterdam will be launching new royal portraits from the series of 10 every week. On 30 March, the entire serie will be shown during a program presentation for the press in the Library Theater on Binnenrotte.

Upload or have yourself photographed!

Rotterdammers can make their own official royal portrait and upload it to the site. Later, you can also get your picture taken by photographers in the city. This way everyone can be photographed like a real king! There will be pop-up studios at Central Station, the Markthal and the Bijenkorf, among others. Keep an eye on the website for all locations and dates. Meanwhile, photographer Eric Fecken appears in various Rotterdam neighborhoods and in the city; you can encounter it in Hoek van Holland to Hoogvliet and from Rotterdam South to the heart of the center. Do you meet him? Then let yourself be photographed as a real king or queen. A selection of the official portraits will soon be available on the website, in the media and/or as a poster in the neighborhood!

Portrait Parade

The Flag Parade Rotterdam Foundation has also embraced the idea of official portraits.
Especially for Kingsday, the 750 meter long Flag Parade changes into a real portrait parade. From 19 April to 27 April, all 193 flagpoles will feature photo portraits of well-known and lesser-known Rotterdammers, who roll up their sleeves every day in all parts of the city. The Flag Parade also puts a well-deserved spotlight on the Kings & Queens in the city.

The idea for official portraits was partly created in co-creation with the people of Rotterdam themselves. On November 10, 2022, 100 Rotterdammers were able to think along about the program. From the wish to 'give the people of Rotterdam a face', the idea for the official portrait was born and has since been embraced in many places in the city.

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