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Decorate yourself


Studio VollaersZwart is going to decorate the city, but made specially for everyone a crown, flag and flagline.

In this way you can put together your own King's Day decoration so you can  decorate your street, your house or yourself completely in style soon. And we call on everyone to use old materials as much as possible, because we of course celebrate King's Day in Rotterdam as sustainably and circularly as possible. From old sheets to empty milk cartons and from broken shoelaces to torn T-shirts. Call out that artist in you, scour your kitchen cupboards and get to work! The templates and explanations are in Dutch.

A crown fits on every head

Collect your orange, green and white paper and get started with your own crown! Because ‘We are all Kings & Queens’ and a crown fits on every head! Download the document below, print out the templates and cut and paste!


No King’s Day without the well-known waving flags! The only thing you need is some old paper and a stick. Or grab some skewers from your kitchendrawer! In the document below you find the template for two different types of flags.

Your own flagline

In your room, in front of the window or maybe you know another good spot to hang your flagline? Anyhow, get started! And for the advanced crafters: try making the flags with fabric. This is how you turn an old T-shirt into your own King's Day flag line!

Crown Stamp

With a large potato, a big eraser or a piece of linoleum you can now easily make your own crown-stamp. Stamp it with paint on paper for your own poster or artwork. Or on your favourite T-shirt to be ready for King's Day!

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